Positives of 2020: From a Matchmaking Perspective Part 1

17 Dec

Vida has been able to offer support and guidance to our clients on their journey from dating, all the way to getting them into a successful relationship. Here are a couple of success stories I am delighted to share with you.

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2020, what a year! It has been tough, life as we know it changed in a moment.  It doesn’t matter who you are: your background, your values or your dreams for the future; 2020 does not discriminate.  It has presented us all with loss, new challenges, new fears and so many unknowns. Our interactions have changed with our close family and friends as well as strangers in the street and the world feels so much bigger with international borders closed.  Many individuals feel more isolated than ever before which has led to contemplation of what is most meaningful to us; how much our loved ones mean to us and the importance of having a truly compatible partner in life.  In all of this adversity, it’s important to recognise the positive effects that have arisen and share some of the innovative ways we have navigated this year as well as to share some inspirational stories that have evolved against the odds.

“The Flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all” – WALT DISNEY

Despite the adversity, there is a lot to be grateful for in 2020.  Nature is thriving. We have seen wonderful innovation in healthcare along with the enhanced recognition of our healthcare system and the NHS staff that keep it going. Communities have come together regardless of background and economic status for the greater good.  A greater sense of gratitude has materialised for the things that really matter, our relationships and the freedom we once took for granted.  Being grateful itself helps to build our resilience.  Within our relationships and in business we have had to learn be more innovative and think outside the box; we saw people getting creative to stay connected.

Throughout all of this, we have been able to offer support and guidance to our clients on their journey from dating, all the way to getting them into a successful relationship, which is essentially at the heart of why we do what we do.  We have been fortunate to maintain our high success rates (80-90%) of getting our clients into exclusive relationships. Here are a couple of success stories I am delighted to share with you.

Client L (late 40’s) joined Vida at the end of 2019. She is an inspiring, successful and international lady with her own business. During the first 6 months of her membership, we saw a significant shift in the L’s mindset, she moved away from the preconceived ideal match and we worked together to become clear on the values that truly resonated.  We introduced her to P just before the first lockdown. P is an intellect, successful, kind, and serious about finding the one. L had a strong preference for meeting someone in person and initially refused to do videocalls.  However, P persevered and they had they first dates on video.  Immediately L was struck by how deeply they connected over video with undivided attention on one another. They spoke every day and within weeks, before even meeting, had become exclusive.  As soon as the world opened up, they met, and the connection was just as strong. They have combined their lives, having the best of both worlds between her place in the city and his in the country and have even managed to go on holiday during the summer.  Both have said how much their life has changed for the better in meeting one another.

Client X is a 70-year-old gentleman looking to meet someone intelligent accomplished and sophisticated to share the next chapter of his life with. When he joined, we were about to go into lockdown which meant the whole dating scene was going to change overnight. Face-to-face dates were replaced by video calls and X being the positive person that he is decided not even a global pandemic will stop him from meeting the love of his life. We introduced him to S and they seem to hit it off immediately.  A number of zoom calls / drinks/dinners led to them meeting in central London and the relationship went from strength to strength from there. They are now planning to move in together after the lockdown and are planning their first holiday next Spring.

I am grateful to 2020 for testing us and helping us all to grow.  Moving to 2021, we will be taking the expertise, innovation, learnings, gratitude and relationships forward with us.

If you feel like your dating life has being impacted throughout this year, our relationship psychologist or dating coaches can help work through this with you. Alternatively, if you are single and serious about finding your ultimate partner, why not get in touch to find out more about our bespoke matchmaking packages that are available.

by Lynsey Wilson

Director of Client Services

Lynsey was born and raised in Scotland, graduating from The University of Aberdeen with an MA in Psychology in 2009. For just over a decade, Lynsey worked in social research within either an academic or non profit context. Throughout her career, her main drive and passion has been working with people and gaining an understanding of what drives them. This, along with her friendly and open nature, makes Lynsey a natural Matchmaker. Lynsey is based in the London office and primarily works with both London and European based clients.More by this author

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