Rachel MacLynn as Grazia Expert Psychologist

20 Jun


Grazia Magazine, UK

The Expert’s View

Occupational Psychologist Rachel MacLynn says, ‘While its a natural instinct to form a positive impression of people who are better-looking, society develops a set of “norms” about how we are expected to behave in certain situations. In the corporate world its usually only acceptable to dress smartly, so Fran’s example of not employing someone wearing a tracksuit is nothing to do with selecting on the grounds  of “beauty”; a tracksuit would just be inappropriate.

‘The hostility Fran says she is experiencing from female colleagues also has little to do with her looks, from what I can tell. She seems self-confident (verging on arrogant) and therefore its more likely that her own body language and how she interacts with women might be the cause of the tension. There are an awful lot of very beautiful women out there who are very well-liked.’

Thank you Grazia!