The perfect partner: 3 magic qualities

26 Sep

By Julia Atlasova

Our world is based on and moved by thoughts, positive energy and outlook to life, which every person and every thing generates, therefore wishing for something or somebody being in your life, you’ve got to be particularly clear and very precise.

If you have been single for a while or if you have experienced a few unsuccessful relationships in a row, you may find comfort in creating the “perfect partner” in your head. This “perfect partner” would do and say everything to please us. The reality however is this is highly unrealistic.

By building such an idyllic image in our minds we miss out all those others around us, who might just seem normal, or even ordinary in comparison with our imaginary faultless, perfect partner. The more time you spend designing the ultimate other half, the less chances you leave for yourself to meet him or her in reality.

Visualizing helps, but only when doing it in the right way. The way to do this is to think about yourself first, write everything down if you are struggling to concentrate: who you are, what do you want, what are your best and worst qualities and most importantly whether you need a partner who would be similar to you (the type to finish your sentences) or whether you would like to meet someone who will challenge you by having traits which are opposite to your own (the ying and yang).

Then the next step would be to decide, looking at your list, what you would appreciate in your potential significant other. What is going to make you happy in a relationship and how would you benefit each other? Don’t limit yourself, write down all the things that are on your mind at that moment.

For some this might be the straightforward task, however there are those who know exactly what they want out of a perfect partner and may therefore list only 2 or 3 main items.

Finally, shortlist your desired qualities and aspects and make a top three, say: a handsome, gentleman with a great sense of humour. Three is the magic number, which allows you to narrow your search of opportunities and find the right person. Easy as one, two, three 🙂

Julia is a Siberian born snowboarder, freelance journalist and a military psychologist who is unconditionally and unconsciously in love with St. Petersburg and settled in fabulous London. A free spirit wandering around the world wondering whether people exist in the illusion of love or love hides in a sacred corner of every heart waiting for the right time to let us live.