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When you have finally met that special someone, it’s not uncommon to think that you have reached your ‘happily ever after’. The truth is, happily ever after is not the result of the sparks that flew around when you met, but rather the work that is put into the relationship as you go along.

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How To Know If You Should Text

The assumption that texting too much comes off as needy and desperate needs to be broken down. The idea comes from two sources.

A New Approach to Valentine’s Day

Perhaps we could reframe Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to think about whether we want a romantic partner and if yes, reflect on how we are going about it.

Three Reasons You May Be Causing Imbalance in Your Dating Life

Do you feel that you put in all the work in the relationship, such as initiating dates and planning nice things to do and that the other person is not ‘pulling their weight’? Read on to see whether it may be you that is causing the imbalance.

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