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Coaching and Psychology Services From Vida

Dating & Relationship Psychology Services

At The Vida Consultancy, our team of psychologists are world-leading experts in dating and relationships. Aside from working with our matchmaking clients, we also offer our specialist support to anyone who wants to achieve a successful relationship outcome.

With an emphasis on self-improvement, we won’t just help address the immediate issue; instead we will help to reshape your thinking so you can learn how to be your own relationship expert, leaving you feeling empowered, motivated and inspired. No matter where you are on your relationship journey we can help.

We offer sessions face-to-face or via video call. Our mission is to help you achieve your individual goals by identifying and addressing any concerns, as well as teaching you strategies to keep your relationship healthy and strong. With early intervention, we can help prevent issues before they arise. If you want to improve anything, whether that be navigating through the world of dating, to taking your relationship to the next level, enhancing intimacy, improving communication and generally staying emotionally healthy, we can help you.

Our Services

Date Coaching

Whether you’re dating or in a relationship, coaching will help you feel more in control and help you achieve the outcome you want. If you would like to feel more confident when dating or are frustrated by the results you’re getting, then our coaches will help work out what might be getting in the way of your progress. If you’re in a relationship and feel trapped, misunderstood or you simply want to make your relationship even better, then we’ll offer the appropriate support.

To book a coaching session, send us an email or call us on +44 (0) 20 3907 3940.


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Dating Strategy

Are you feeling frustrated with dating? If you aren’t getting the results you want then this may be the best service for you. Vida’s psychologists have developed Your Dating Blueprint – 2-hours of consultation, using skills we use to successfully match hundreds of couples every year. You will gain help overcoming roadblocks that are preventing you achieve the outcome you want, including clarity on what practical steps (like the most suitable apps for you) you need to take to ensure you are able to enter a relationship with your ideal partner.

To book Your Dating Blueprint, send us an email or call us on +44 (0)20 3613 5494.

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Relationship Counselling

If you’re in a relationship and feel misunderstood, lonely, side-tracked, unhappy, or you simply want to make your relationship healthy and strong, our psychologists can offer the appropriate support. We can see you individually or as a couple, depending on the nature of your relationship goal. Our experts are trained in a variety of psychological and therapeutic interventions, including CBT, psychosexual therapy, person-centred therapy, psychodynamic therapy, applied positive psychology, mindfulness and more.

To book a coaching session, send us an email or call us on +44 (0) 20 3907 3940.


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Webinars, Workshops & Talks

Throughout the year we run a variety of workshops and webinars focusing on topics around dating and relationships. Our sessions are created and delivered by our team of experts using evidence-based psychology, up-to-date research and our years of experience.  Our most popular topics are ‘how to succeed at online dating’ and ‘how to overcome dating fatigue’.

Please contact us for more information about any upcoming workshops.

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