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The Vida Consultancy specialise in gay matchmaking for eligible single men and women across the UK. We offer a one-of-a-kind service that focuses on understanding your core values to match you with like-minded individuals. Each gay client we take on will undergo a truly unique and private matchmaking and dating service. This includes a private one-to-one profiling session to understand more about who you are and what you’re looking for in a relationship. 

We also offer a unique date coaching service if you find yourself struggling in the dating world. 

To learn more about becoming a private member of our gay dating service in the UK, and start meeting emotionally mature gay men and/or women, contact our experienced matchmakers at Vida today.

What You Can Expect from Our Matchmaking and Dating Service 


Our primary aim is to help eligible single men and women find their life partners in the UK or further abroad. This all starts by contacting our UK office and speaking to one of our team members. From here, we will discuss what our gay dating service involves and when you’d be happy to arrange a private consultation with your assigned matchmaker within the gay divison.

During your private consultation (which can be held over video call or conducted in-person), we will ask you a series of questions to get to know you better. This might include questions concerning your background, hobbies and career as well as your past relationships, why they didn’t work and what you’re looking for in a future partner and relationship. We combine psychological principles with personalised consulting to truly understand what type of person you’re looking for.  

Our gay dating process is tailored to guarantee you are matched with like-minded individuals to ensure maximum compatibility potential. We will also discuss your proximity regarding matches; you may want to only match locally, or maybe you’re interested in meeting further across the UK or even internationally. 

Once your profiling session is complete, your private profile is stored in our database and is used to identify appropriate matches in the UK. You can expect to hear back from your gay matchmaker within two weeks and if appropriate matches have been found, they will send you their profiles to peruse. 

If you like the look of their profiles, we can relay this to your match and if both parties agree, you will be able to take things further. And yes, you will be able to exchange phone numbers, social media profiles or other appropriate forms of communication. If your perfect match is further abroad (across international waters), we can also arrange meetups at a mutually agreed location. The rest is up to you!

To find out more about our bespoke gay dating service in the UK and to start meeting single gay men and women, contact our office directly via the number above or through our contact form.

What does a gay matchmaker do?

Whether you’re looking for heterosexual or gay dating, our process is different for every client because everyone is different. Our gay dating and matchmaking process looks at learning more about you as a person, your past relationships and what you want in a future partner. Our gay division has continued to expand and develop since its creation in 2015 and we have successfully matched several gay clients in the UK and across the world. 


How does gay international dating work?

As briefly discussed, we use our own private network to identify gay men and women across the world. Once we have found a match and you like their profile, we can arrange to meet somewhere in the middle to make both you and your potential partner’s experience easy and enjoyable. For example, if you’re based in London and you match with someone in Rome, you could potentially meet in Paris.

How is matchmaking different to online dating?

What separates our service from online dating sites is the level of personalisation and psychological experience we bring. Our service is tailored to you, each consultation is a bespoke, private experience with a qualified gay matchmaker. We create genuinely unique profiles that better enable us to identify perfect matches based on the answers you provide. 

Online dating has its benefits, but many people find they keep meeting the wrong type of people who unintentionally, but ultimately waste their time. You never know who you’re going to meet via online dating because only basic information is available on dating apps and websites. 


What’s the biggest benefit Vida can offer?

Time. One of the most sought-after commodities in the dating world is time to find the right people while juggling your career and social life. It can be extremely difficult and taxing searching for people in life, and when you keep meeting the wrong people, it can become very demoralising. With Vida, we alleviate that stress because we do all the groundwork for you. Once your profile is complete, you can sit back and enjoy life while we identify potential gay matches in the UK and across the world.

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How long does the membership last?

We tailor each membership to our client’s individual requirements so membership duration varies. Our standard Private Membership is, however, 12 months.

What are the core benefits of exclusive gay dating and matchmaking?

 >  Combining psychological principles with professional consultation

 >  Identifying gay single men and women from our private network

 >  Award-winning matchmaking firm

 >  Elite connections across the world

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