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International life and lifestyle?


If you live an international life and you’re looking for a partner in life, you need to know the right international matchmakers. Negotiating the dating scene in another country and meeting the right people is so much easier when you have international matchmakers Vida Consultancy by your side.

Successful people are often well networked professionally and may choose to rely on that space for meeting new people with dating potential. But do you really want to mix up your business life with your personal life?

If you do live an international life commuting between two or more cities, or looking at a professional move, it’s likely that you are very busy concentrating on your career. You can have some fun enjoying the lottery of some night’s out meeting new people, but if you’re serious about a relationship then you will likely want to focus.

Perhaps you have not considered the idea of International Matchmakers before, but it’s definitely worth considering why this is a wise investment. But like all savvy people you want to be sure about what you’re getting into before making the move right? Choosing your International Matchmakers is the first step.

Vida Consultancy are truly International Matchmakers in every sense.


Vida Consultancy are truly International Matchmakers in every sense. They are headquartered in London as well as being established in New York and across Europe. The team are made up of well-travelled International Matchmaking professionals who have lived and worked in multiple countries. Vida’s network of clients and contacts in the successful and professional demographic is wide and international. Their success rate is very high as their unique in their approach to the psychology of matchmaking. They are also at the forefront of training and education in International Matchmaking.

Once you meet them you will begin to understand how invested they are in you as an individual, and how international they really are. From London to New York, Paris to Vienna, Frankfurt to Geneva and beyond, they are networked in all the right places and circles to ensure success in International Matchmaking.

Dating in a foreign place is not a minefield with International Matchmakers

Finding your feet in a new place takes time, as does establishing friendships with depth. You can meet a lot of people very quickly but it takes time to sift to find quality. That holds true for both friendships and relationships. When you think about your international life, how much time can you spend on looking for a life partner, and how important is it to you to have someone to share your life and success?

It’s worth noting that the way people date and socialise varies between international locations. Have an International Matchmaker on your side will help you to navigate the dating scene and meet people with real potential for a relationship. International Matchmakers help you to meet people who understand and get your international life and experience and are also looking to date someone with a similar lifestyle.

Our time


We may not have stopped to think how we operate in a business sense in all other areas of our life but our romantic one. If you are a successful international person it is very likely that you have invested in your education. You spent time attending college to earn a degree, perhaps a Master’s degree or an MBA to advance your life prospects. Alternatively, you may be self-made and an entrepreneur who took a gamble with your own money, or convinced investors to support your ideas. You may also invest in your own personal development through therapy, personal training, specialist weekends or workshops and the like. Paying for good education and consultation in life is worth the money when you invest in the right professional. Additionally, investing one of our most valuable assets, time, is something we do when it’s important to us.
Successful people will often in private waste an inordinate amount of time with online dating and apps to meet someone, very often not achieving the desired results. International Matchmakers like the expert team at Vida Consultancy understand international clients and fast track you to meaningful dates with people who have exactly the right kind of potential you are looking for.
The answer really is yes, it is indeed worth investing in an International Matchmaker. Vida Consultancy has been at the forefront of why investing in International Matchmakers is the answer for some time. CEO Rachel MacLynn has been widely read in the city of London about her views on investing in love.

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Are International Matchmakers also your dating coach?


Dating across cultures can be a challenging and different experience that you should not underestimate. It’s too easy in this global communications age to assume that everyone does things the same way when it comes to dating and romance, but they don’t. You may be brilliant in every other area of your life, but you may discover that there are some things about your dating prowess that are preventing you from cementing the relationship deal.
Having an International Matchmaker in your confidence is like having an expert dating coach. They can help you understand the way things are done in a foreign place, and how various nationalities respond to dating experiences. Culture and traditions or even the general rhythm of social life in different countries can be difficult to appreciate even to someone well-travelled.
Ultimately of course you need to be yourself, but it makes such a difference to not trip over cultural differences along the way. First impressions count, and it’s always nice to avoid social embarrassment. This is another area in which Vida Consultancy as renowned International Matchmakers have demonstrated their expertise.
Great International Matchmakers will help you see how great you are

Not everyone feels confident about themselves in a romantic sense, even though they may feel very comfortable professionally and socially. Romance and relationships is a whole other part of life which even the most successful people can often feel inadequate. You may have earned your place in life professionally and socially which makes you feel confident. But it’s interesting how some of the most successful people in life don’t realise their own worth as a person and how attractive they really are.
Instead of being alone in this space, why not engage an International Matchmaker to be the person who helps you to see and know what a brilliant and attractive person you are and introduces you to the kind of people who will feel the same way?
As a matchmaker’s client once said “she’s basically looking for someone good enough for me, and when I’m on my own, I’m mostly looking for someone who can stand me for more than five minutes”. If you have spent hours on your laptop trawling through profiles or swiping on your mobile device, then this may resonate.
Why not leave this bad space behind and move into something positive with an end result by engaging an International Matchmaker? We can often overlook some of our more subtle and lovely qualities, and modesty may prevent us from putting our best selves forward. Your International Matchmaker is going to make you feel more optimistic and excited about your dating life than you may have felt in quite some time.
Isn’t it time someone knew how great you are?

How successful are International Matchmakers Vida Consultancy?


Vida Consultancy are recognised globally as leaders in the dating industry. In 2016 they won Matchmaking Agency of the Year Award at the European Dating Awards.

International Matchmakers are garnering more and more press attention as the most viable way to find a partner in life. When the press is interviewing, they inevitably turn to Vida Consultancy for comments. When it comes to the international jet set and what they need, Vida has their fingers on the pulse.

It’s essential as a successful person to know that you are engaging with a recognised professional consultation service. You are in safe and experienced hands with the International Matchmaking team at Vida Consultancy.

Online dating or International Matchmakers?

Online dating and dating apps are a lottery and a game of romantic roulette. How do you really know if that person behind the image or the profile is really who they say they are. How can you possibly know? Who is going to vet these random people? Ultimately it has to be you, and that’s a lot of work and uncertainty to deal with when you could be making your romantic landscape so much more manageable.

International Matchmakers Vida Consultancy can give you back your life, and focus dedicated attention on you and what you really want in a partner. No more wasting time, going directly to dating successful, attractive, well educated, international people like you. Invest now and you could be saying hello to the rest of your life.

It’s clear that International Matchmakers Vida Consultancy are the fast track solution to finding a life partner as soon as possible. Contact them now to arrange a confidential no obligation meeting to see how you can stop your random search, get involved in International Matchmaking and find love sooner than you think.

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