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Client stories

From London

My client joined in March 2015. He is gay and was 38 years old and a successful business owner for the past 10 years. Although he was English, he had travelled throughout his life and his siblings lived in different cities. He owned a property in London, but also in Germany. My client signed up with Vida because he had enough of Grindr and networking to try to find love. He had a mix of gay and straight friends and liked spending evenings at friends’ dinner parties, not in Soho at a gay bar. When we met he said he was tired of meeting men that were perfect in every way but simply not looking for a relationship, so it never progressed. His focus was someone genuine, after him for him and not his money.

I introduced him to a gentleman who was 42, he worked for a global company but had only been living in London for 5 years. He was originally from the Middle East but his family moved over during his teens. He was out to all of his family, and wanted to settle down like his siblings. I introduced the two of them in September 2015 and they are still together, discussing moving in!

– Jacqueline


I knew Leila would find me someone. She seems to know everyone in London, so it didn’t take long! Matchmaking for Leila is not just a career, it’s a lifestyle. It shines through and I am glad to be at the receiving end of her magic!

Paul, 52, London

Rachel, I just wanted to drop you a note and say how fantastic Joanna is for you. All too often people do not get the recognition and she is nothing less that a super star. Joanna always gives great feedback and is so very supportive with her guidance and advice. For me I would recommend Vida alone, just so people have Jo manage their hopes and dreams.

Mark, 48, London

I have been a member of Vida for 6 months. I enjoy Rachel’s personal approach and Jacqueline’s willingness to pop out of the office, so we can have regular catch ups. The whole team is wonderful and it is so apparent that they genuinely love matchmaking! I am very happy and the introductions so far have all been very impressive!

Julie, 48, London

from London

In 2012 I took on a client who I instantly connected with. She was a lawyer in the City and she had everything going for her – attractive, intelligent, well-travelled, funny and with a heart of gold. Her reason for coming to Vida was one I had heard time and time again – she was simply too busy to trawl through dating websites. A couple of months later I introduced her to a guy who shared many of the same core values. He also worked in the City and whilst he worked very hard, his long-term aim was to get married and raise a healthy and happy family. They are getting married in 2017!

– Rachel


Jacqueline is much more than just a matchmaker. She’s my full-time wing woman! For years I’ve been seeking a solution to meet like-minded men without having to resort to gay bars, which is simply not my scene. Jacqueline’s black book is really rather special.

Henry, 41, London

Barbara I loved the evening. Just to add that your events have enriched my life, if that is the right word that best describes meeting so many smart and attractive people who attend your events x’.

Robert, 48, Oxford

Thank you Mia for your support, confidentiality and most important advice in my endeavour to finding the right partner.

Amir, 32, London


My client is a successful professional in her late 30’s, loving her job but equally enjoying a very good work/life balance and looking to meet someone with a similar lifestyle, outgoing, internationally minded and established. Five months into her membership a wonderful gentleman in his mid 40’s joined Vida and it was clear from the start that they would be a great match – both being fun, adventurous, family oriented and hard working but also able to switch off and enjoy life. They got on so well that drinks turned into dinner, conversation flew and they were the last people to leave the restaurant. A year on they are still very happy, travelling the world and planning their future together.

– Joanna



My client was a 46 year old handsome, ambitious gentleman, from a good family, and was born and raised in the UK. He had an extremely creative and artistic upbringing and was looking for a woman younger than him, who had already had a family. Someone who also shared his quick witted British sense of humour and visual eye. It took a while for us to get the click on look, character and mindset but on the 8th introduction we got there! The beautiful woman was living in Oxfordshire, working in business development for a clothing brand and already had a family. They now share their life together in Surrey, with their future lined up ahead of them.

– Joanna


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