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Tired of dating and find your singles circle is dwindling because they’ve all hooked up, and you’re still Looking for Marriage? Maybe you tried marriage too early in life, it didn’t work, and now that you’re older and successfully established you’re also Looking for Marriage. It’s a dating minefield out there, so when you’re Looking for Marriage it can be quite a challenge.

For many people the idea of remaining single all their lives is not something they like tocontemplate. There are many advantages of being single, but there is something to be said for life long companionship with someone you really love. This is likely why you are Looking for Marriage with a person who gets you, and that you enjoy not just physically but also mentally, a soul mate, a friend.

Looking for Marriage across the cultural divide

With the world being so global now in its outlook, it’s quite normal to find yourself in a big city that is populated with singles who come from all kinds of cultural and religious backgrounds. The world has become a village in some respects, and many people find their minds and hearts opened as they begin to experience and accept the way other people live and what they believe in.

It’s important to know if a person’s cultural and religious origin is a deal breaker for you when Looking for Marriage. Are you interested or prepared to experience new things and new ideas? Do you have a spirit of adventure and would you be willing to engage with the idea of meeting someone who is not what you think is your first choice? Successful attractive people are now living and working all over the world. If you are Looking for Marriage is this something that you have considered?

Rachel MacLynn the CEO and Founder of Vida Consultancy the award winning international and exclusive matchmaking agency, has discussed that very subject and it makes for an interesting read.

Are you Looking for Marriage online?

It’s a fact of life that we use technology for so many things in life that it really has become the norm. The advent of internet dating changed the social aspect of meeting people dramatically. At one time you actually had to leave the house to go and meet other human beings, now you can sit in the quiet solitude of your home and surf the net for hours Looking for Marriage.

Is this really the solution? For some people they have indeed found a partner online, but if you are an educated, well-travelled professional person, how can you really sift through this romantic hay stack to find someone who is also seriously Looking for Marriage and know that their profile and what they say is 100% honest and true.

If you’re Looking for Marriage you no doubt want to meet someone you can trust implicitly, after all it’s the foundation of a relationship that is going to last. With over 60% of people lying about themselves in online dating sites, how can you really be sure that you’re not wasting your time Looking for Marriage online?

Are you Looking for Marriage on a dating app?

If you’re successful you’re likely time poor, so you have probably moved on to online dating apps, after all it’s much quick to take a swipe and finding someone. But be honest, isn’t the dating app a picture parade. Faces in a line up. Some people are naturally attractive, and others have exceptional photography. Seeing someone in real life is a totally different one to an image in 2D.

Marriage is a serious lifelong commitment and not something to take lightly, so how do you feel about the idea of Looking for Marriage in a venue that is just faces. Can you see and know who the person is behind that smile and determine if they are someone with real potential?

Are you Looking for Marriage in the lonely hearts column?

If you are of a certain age and intellect you may be still enjoying the daily read of a real broadsheet newspaper that you hold in your hands and don’t speed read headlines on an IPad. This may have gravitated you toward the tiny paragraph of titillation designed to connect lonely hearts with other who are Looking for Marriage or at the very least a date.


Are you Looking for Marriage based on looks?

A professional matchmaker may challenge you to consider if you’re Looking for Marriage is based solely on the aesthetics. Is a person’s appearance the overriding factor in choosing a partner for life? When you stop and think about it, online and app dating often begins and ends solely on how a person looks at first glance. The right picture is so important to get things off to a good start as pointed out in the New York Times.

Have you ever met someone and then as you’ve gotten to know them and experienced their personality, confidence, and sense of humor you’ve have found yourself inextricably drawn to them? Suddenly they begin to appear even more attractive, their look starts to become more appealing, you want to know more and it instantly becomes apparent that it’s not just about a face. If you’re Looking for Marriage you hope that this scenario is going to happen
to you, and that the universe will somehow work it’s magic.

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Perhaps the very idea of engaging with a professional matchmaker has never crossed your mind. After all, you’re successful, attractive, well-travelled, a nice interesting person, surely someone is going to come along any moment now that will end your Looking for Marriage?

You may not be aware but successful people privately and confidentially engaging an elite matchmaker is becoming a trend. The reason you would get a professional matchmaker involved in your search for a life partner is that they have a network of potential partners that you have not had the chance to tap into. Not only that, but they are focused on you, your criteria, your profile and what you’re looking for to ensure you go on dates with people who are also genuinely Looking for Marriage and are a great match.

It’s important to choose the right professional matchmaker which is why Vida Consultancy is the place to go. The eminently qualified and highly trained team can change your dating life faster than you imagined. Once they know about you and what you’re looking for they take on the hard work of curating your dates to ensure you meet the right kind of people.

Is it worth investing in Professional Matchmaking when Looking for Marriage?

Is it really worth investing in professional matchmaking services? It is indeed. Stop and think about the other things you spend your money on in life. What we’re talking about here is an investment in your future happiness. Isn’t it worth considering that if you are seriously Looking for Marriage then professional matchmaking help is worth it? Successful people are often time poor, so let someone do the leg work for you. It’s something the Vida Consultancy team know only too well.

Things to consider if you’re Looking for Marriage

When you meet with your professional matchmaker you’ll spend quality time speaking privately and confidentially about what you would like to find in a person when you’re Looking for Marriage. Education may for instance be a critical component. Do you want a partner who is at least as well-educated as you are? There can sometimes be an education gap that makes the relationship challenging to navigate. The Guardian newspaper talks openly about the gap in number of educated women vs men.

It’s worth spending the time to sit down and list the qualities and life experiences you would ideally like to find in someone who is also Looking for Marriage. What are the deal breakers for you? Do you know what they are? Invest the time and energy and ideally do this with a professional matchmaker who can take all of this into consideration when find you the right people to date.

Looking for Marriage – Fantasy vs Reality

Maybe your ideal marriage partner is based on the ideas you have formulated from reading books or watching films. Iconic stories like “Pride and Prejudice” are an amusing and entertaining lesson in social manners and ultimately connecting with the right person when Looking for Marriage.
This entertaining read in the New York Times examines what is the ideal marriage according to novels. That said, what you really need to do if you’re serious in Looking for Marriage is to connect with a professional matchmaker who can make it happen in real life.

If you’re Looking for Marriage – what to do now?

The fast track solution to finding a life partner is to meet the expert matchmaking team at Vida Consultancy as soon as possible. Contact them now to arrange a confidential no obligation meeting to see how you can stop Looking for Marriage and actually find it.

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