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Dating and
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New York

New York City/ USA Dating Agency and Matchmaker Service

International Dating Agency: New York

Vida has been specializing in personal introductions between remarkable individuals, world-wide since it was founded six years ago. We are an international dating agency that operates within New York City.

Dating is by no means easy, especially in bustling NYC where the fast pace of life may mean you have little time for idle bar talk or uncommitted city goers. Our elite dating agency employs trusted and certified matchmakers who will fill the void, helping to accelerate and ease the process of finding your ultimate life partner.

Our Elite Matchmaking Agency Methods

The service we provide is bespoke and tailored to you. We take our time to get to know you in person, understanding your needs, wishes, values and aspirations with the intention of finding someone who shares such principles with you. When it comes to matchmaking, our team will work with you to define and discover your ideal partner and perfect match. We have created a bespoke matchmaking model based on two core principles; psychological principles and professional consultation.

Once you have sent us your profile, our elite matchmakers will take time to review and analyse your details in order to match you with your ultimate partner. Our elite dating agency in New York boasts some of the finest and most experienced matchmakers in the world, and they will hand-select the most appropriate partners for you within the New York area.

Matching with Exceptional People

We’re incredibly proud of our exclusive offline network of single men and women. In fact, we’d go as far to say that it’s one of the most impressive in the world. Our services extend beyond New York to other major cities around the globe, including Dubai, London and Paris. Our members are hand-selected by our matchmaking team, and we only welcome those who we believe are appealing, have pure morals, respectable core values and ultimately, are committed to finding a partner for life. Many of our members lead lives that are diverse and filled with ambition, drive and the will to better themselves. Our members demonstrate their success through a multitude of areas, including academic achievement, travel, language and running global corporations.

In essence, all our members display admirable characteristics that make them perfect for finding their future partner.

What Makes Us an Elite Dating Agency in New York

Our success is not only measured by our ability to find members their life partners, our services and matchmakers are also judged by an independent panel. Our reputation, matchmaker success rate, approachability and customer service and satisfaction are all judged accordingly. Vida has since been awarded with a plethora of awards, including:

  • UK Matchmaking Agency of the Year 2017
  • International Matchmaking Agency of the Year 2017
  • European Matchmaking Agency of the Year 2017
  • European Matchmaking Agency of the Year 2016

At Vida, we're constantly striving for greatness and searching for new ways to help find our members in New York their life partners. Over a period of 6-18 months, you will meet a series of attractive, intelligent, dynamic individuals, all of whom have been interviewed in detail and pre-vetted to establish their compatibility to you as a Private Member.

What our Matchmakers Offer You

Your matchmaker will become your confidant, consultant and comrade and will personally search and vet potential matches for you, only to hone in on a select few who most closely match you, and arrange introductions. If you are bored of idle bar talk, and uncommitted city goers, join our bespoke service. We’d love to meet and welcome you as a member very soon.

Get in Touch With Our Matchmaking Agency in New York

Our matchmaking ethos has been specifically designed to help you find your ultimate life partner. At Vida, we understand the struggles that come with finding the perfect partner, busy lives lead to busy schedules and it can become increasingly difficult to find the time to find someone. This is where we come in. Working with one of our dedicated matchmakers will enable you to continue with your day-to-day life without the stress and struggle of finding the time to meet potential partners. We alleviate that process so that you're able to spend time getting to know new people.

Alongside meeting new potential partners, your matchmaker will become more than just a point of contact for matchmaking services. They will become your confidant, your consultant and most importantly, your friend. They will use our bespoke networking system in order to find you a partner that closely matches your profile.

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